Moose Calling guide on how to effectively call moose to you.

Brush Thrashing:

Brush thrashing sounds can be made several different ways. Try to find a dead spruce and break some branches off to produce a loud cracking sound. Chopping dry timber with an ax or using large dry limbs, ax handles, old shoulder blades or other similar items to thrash brush will also work well.

Bull Grunts:

Advertisement When bulls challenge each other, when they move around in a group of moose while trying to win cows, and when they respond to calls, they usually do so while making short, deep grunts at 2 to 3 second intervals. Bull grunts range from hiccups to explosive coughing sounds, but a deep, “short U” or “Ugh”!!, “Ugh”!! sound, is probably the easiest to make when trying to imitate a bull.
If you were to wake up in an ugly mood, and decide to pick a fight with some guy on the street, you could call him any of several different names and probably get the results you are looking for. A similar situation exists when trying to call a bull in rut. Try to make your calls to sound as perfect as possible, but just being somewhat close will usually do.

Cow Calls

Cow calls can vary in length from 2 seconds up to almost a minute, are usually higher in pitch than bull grunts and can be made using an “e” “r” or “errr” sound. Start off low and carry the “r” for whatever length you want the call to be. Gradually raise the pitch in the middle of the call, and then lower the pitch again while tapering the call off at the end. Waver the tone on your longer calls. Pinching your nose and “cupping your hands over your mouth”, will produce a nasal effect that will make both “bull grunts” and “cow calls” sound better.

Other Sounds

In addition to brush thrashing, bull grunts and cow calls, also try other noises that fit the area you are hunting. When near lakes, ponds, rivers, or wet swamps, you can pour water from any container, into the water to sound like another moose urinating. Make sounds that a moose would when moving through that terrain.


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